One Step Beyond

Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA
Sat & Sun, March 17th & 18th, 2018
(9am – 5pm daily)


Recognizing, Inviting & Utilizing Catalysts
Seller Financing ≠ a Loan
Options & other Contracts
I have no Other Collateral
Equity Participation lending and investing
Borrowing with Real Estate
Buying Paper with Real Estate
Acquisitions without Interest
Deferring Taxes via Installment Sales
Preserving Installment Sales
Exchanging and Definancing
Sale and Option back
Buying Partials & Controlling the Whole Note
Less Management & Less Risk
Sandwich Leasing for Cash Flow and Yield
Exchanges as Equity Financing
Multiple Notes to Reduce Discounts
Options as Down Payments

• Use What You WANT, To Get What You Need, To Get What You Want!
• Use What you HAVE, to get what you Need, to get what you Want!


Deed reserving Remainder Interest
Option Agreement
Contract for the Purchase of Real Estate
Purchase Money Mortgage
Seller Financed Note – Nonrecourse
Mortgage to secure Option
Contract for the Sale of Real Estate
Equity Participation Loan Note
Substitution of Collateral Agreement
Real Exchanging
Agreement for Deed – Lease Option style
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Exclusive Right to Purchase Note
Lease with right to sublease


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