What Box?

Hey there!

We’re 4 months away from another amazing, informative weekend with Pete Fortunato & Bill Cook! You coming?

Bill and Pete will teach their Deal-Structuring Course, WHAT BOX? at the Atlanta Airport Marriott on September 16th & 17th, 2017.

What the heck is What Box? and how can I reserve my seat?

Well, maybe you’ve heard Bill tell the story of how this fun and informative seminar came to be. Years ago, Bill called Pete with a deal-structuring question. Pete’s great idea worked and the deal quickly closed. Bill sent Pete a ‘Thank You’ letter for his “outside-the-box” advice.  Pete replied with a simple, two-word email: “What Box?”  It was classic Pete, and a seminar was born!

If you’ve watched Pete and Bill at seminars, whether they’re teaching or attending, then you’ve witnessed them eagerly answering questions and helping others structure their deals. They are quick to tell you – a successful investor’s most important tools are imagination, curiosity, fearlessness, persistence and the willingness to meet with sellers.

What Box?

The Seminar helps you see the different ways you can creatively construct a deal without using institutional financing.  What Box? helps you realize that, when it comes to real estate investing, there is no box.  Everything is Possible!

Bill is honored to teach What Box? with Pete again and, if you’ve ever attended an event that Bill & Kim have hosted in Atlanta, then you know it’s usually a fun-filled, informative and exciting 4-day event with at least one pontoon boat and a campfire or two! (details to come)

What Box? The Seminar, with Pete Fortunato and Bill Cook is a gotta-be-there event in Atlanta on September 16th & 17th 2017 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott.  Bill & Pete’s What Box? Manual will be filled with one interesting deal after another – showing how they found the opportunity, structured it, and put the paperwork in place to secure it.

Join us for an incredible weekend with two of the most experienced investors in the country – Bill Cook & Pete Fortunato.

What Box? The Seminar, with Pete Fortunato and Bill Cook is a gotta-be-there event in Atlanta on September 16th – 17th, 2017 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. Don’t delay…this class is filling up!

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