Peter Fortunato Real Estate Investments Seminars


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Location: Crowne Plaza

(Overnights $99/night for PAPER COURSE attendees – Cutoff Nov.12th)
5303 West Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 289-1950 (Courtesy shuttle from airport)

Learn to Construct Transactions, Income and Wealth Discover negotiating techniques and paperwork that make transactions work. Get Pete's clear, patient explanations, practical insights, and his 2011 workbook!

Two Days of Profit-Making Discussion & Documentation:

• What is a Note? • Terms versus Price
• Use Value versus Exchange Value • Seller Involved Solutions
• Breaking away from Numbing Traditions • Leveraging without Debt
• Estimating and Using Loan Constants • No Quanity without Quality
• Distributing Benefits and Responsibilities • Making Yourself Understood!
• Using Language to Negotiate & Document • Notes as Currency
• Negotiating and Substituting Collateral • Seller Financing ≠ a Loan
• When Paying Interest is better than 0% • Sacrificing Yield for Safety
• Wrapping + Bifurcating Owner-Financing • Portfolio Building and Balancing
• Equity Financing versus Debt Financing • How Paying More can Yield More

• From Negative Cash Flow to Positive

• Leases - with and without Options

Use What You WANT, To Get What You Need, To Get What You Want!

Use What You HAVE, To Get What You Need, To Get What You Need!